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10 Reasons to Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse, Detox, Juicing and Juice Fasting are just some of the buzz words you might hear being tossed around the world today.

We all know at least one person that’s always testing out the new fad for health or the friend that lives in workout clothes always carrying a bottle of water talking about the new regimen they’re trying. Then there’s that friend that has naturally amazing hair and nails and glowing skin even in the morning after a heavy night. You get the picture!

One thing these people have in common is usually how they treat their bodies. Perhaps they take part in exercise, drink lots of water, eat good nutritious food and get a restful sleep the list is endless.

Frankly, I for one, find it hard to focus on a regimental routine. I am definitely guilty of grabbing a carb filled 9pm Snack or skipping the workout in favor of a glass of wine but there is one thing I have found can save me.

JUICE- I don’t mean pasteurised shop bought juices like your standard orange and apple. Whether fresh squeezed or from concentrate these juices are not going to give you the results that a raw, cold pressed Juice will. Cleansing with juice is like a power punch to the system, a nutritious boost not from capsule or supplement. It’s real, raw, fruits and vegetables delivered in an easily absorbed form that the body can use immediately. Hopefully, if you are already cleansing you’re using organic produce and a using cold pressed juicer for the highest result possible.

If you’re not then you are in the right place to start and here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. Weight Management– Juicing its self is not a diet but boy will your body see some weighty results. If you decide to do a full fasting detox or just add juices to your lifestyle, you will notice the body will handle food differently. You won’t be as hungry as your body is getting its nutrients through the juice. Choosing the right vegetable and fruit combination in your juices can make a massive difference on how your body handles fat and water retention. For instance, if you add carrots to your cleanse recipes, your body will have help secreting bile which burns fat. Also, adding potassium rich products like oranges or apples will aid your body in balancing out the sodium in your body. An imbalance of electrolytes leads to the body holding onto water and we all know how much water weighs. In 2005, a study was publish in the journal of the American College of Nutrition that stated that Vitamin C urged the body to burn more fat whilst exercising. Also, adding superfoods like wheat grass and spirulina also help the body’s metabolism to speed up and increase fat oxidization. So you see Juice can help the body with weight management in more ways than one.


  1. Aids the Digestive System-When the digestive system is sluggish it shows everywhere, from our weight, energy levels, mood and our skin to name a few. When you juice it aids your digestive system in multiple ways. Firstly, Juice gives the body a rest and the digestive system a break thus allowing it to chill out. Even our gut needs to relax to heal like any other overworked part of us. Secondly, fibre filled juices help to clean out the miles of toxic matter trapped in our intestines. This waste can only escape when we flush it out which mean fluids like water and of course Juice. Which brings me to my third point, regularity. One of the major causes of low energy, aching bodies and bad skin are buildup of our waste. Juicing promotes a speedy metabolism with a plethora of fibre and water which is key in flushing our bodies waste out regularly, if you know what I mean? Waste is also excreted through the kidneys so they also get a good detox and thus we get to flush a urinary tract out too!


  1. Boosts Immunity- Juicing isn’t just about the stomach and major organs, it about every cell in your body getting a detoxifying boost. The liver, the kidneys even the skin are where we see most of the toxicity building up in our body and this effects our immunity. When the body is working overtime to clean all the organs of the waste that builds up it’s too exhausted to fight the basic things like colds and viral infections that float around. A fully functioning body full of nutritious goodness has a force field of immunity. A lot of fruits and vegetables have antiseptic properties like limes and lemons that naturally heal us from bad germ floating around and food like coconut are anti-fungal and anti-parasitic thus protecting us from the hidden leaches that want to take over our amazing bodies. Even the lungs get a detox with fruits like pineapple and so the heart gets to function better too. When the body gets a boost and plenty of rest it can be a powerhouse at fighting off illness from within every cell.


  1. Energy– you will have more energy to get stuff done and naturally the more you do the more calories you burn. It stands to reason when you’re replacing meals with juices that you not walking around with stodgy pasta lunches in your system. When we eat a meal the body takes the energy we have and directs it to our digestive system that’s usually why we feel tired after a meal. Remember though, we don’t have to skip meals to feel the energy benefits of juice. The massive Vitamin and Mineral intake you are giving your body by a 250 ml juice if like sitting down to 4 large plates of veggies! Plus, due to it being in liquid form, the body absorbs it better giving your body a break from working out the toxins and thus your body has more energy.


  1. Restful Sleep- Along with the energy you’re getting from the juices and its nutritional benefits, you will find you sleep better at night thus again giving you more zest for life. Your body won’t have the stress during its cellular renewal stage of sleep as it tries to fish out the nutrients from the processed and toxic food we eat now a days. The nutrients are readily available in the juice leaving your body the chance to focus its energies elsewhere. Most of us are lacking in key vitamins and minerals and we don’t even know it. The huge amounts of nutrient’s you get from juicing can almost always fix this problem especially if you have the right blend of produce. Ever have restless legs at night? Maybe you lack magnesium, having a dark leafy green juice will give your body a boost in many different vitamins and minerals, magnesium being just one of them.


  1. Mental Clarity-The restful sleep alone will help with this benefit, we all know how we feel when we wake up refreshed from a good night’s sleep. We can see everything more clearly and make better decisions. Your body is awash with nutrients, flushing away the toxins and giving your stomach a break, so of course your brain is benefiting from the extra energy and is working at optimum level in the clear head range. Plus, there is something amazing about juicing and your mindset. The more you give your body what it needs the more your brain comes out of its shell, you may even find yourself on a new project. Using your cleansing time to introduce meditation is doubling down on the mental clarity, for centuries people have believed that fasting and breathing techniques increase mindfulness.


  1. Fight Disease-Diseases like cancer and even dementia thrive in the today’s toxic environment. One of the reasons we see so much disease today is because of the world around us and what we put into our system. Pesticides in our fruits and vegetables, Genetic Modifications in our corn and grains, Nitrates in our processed foods and artificial sweeteners in our NO added sugar products. The list is lengthy and giving the body an environment where disease can’t exist is a great place to start. When the body is in an alkaline state, disease cannot stand it and many juices are made of alkalizing fruits and vegetables. A PH over 7.0 is considered alkaline and feeding the body alkaline rich products give the body a great foundation for staving off the dreaded diseases of today. When we juice, we not only rid the body of harmful toxins but we also replace them with antioxidants that give the body it best fighting chance to stay disease free. No DR has a magic wand to fix or predict what ailment we might get but we can give our body the first line of defense by giving it the weapon of mass destruction you get from juicing.


  1. Amazing Skin-We have all suffered from acne at one point in our life, whether it’s a hormonal outbreak or under the skin bumps and black heads we just can’t shift. Juicing help heal the skin from within, I mean after all we are what we eat right? Hormones play a huge role when you are battling acne and it can be a very depressing and stressful time, this just makes matters worse. The more you stress the more the body releases hormones to fight the stress which cause the body to become inflamed and break out. Another of the main reasons we might break out is dehydration, juicing is super hydrating and full of water heavy vegetables like cucumber and celery which are also detoxing to the liver. Yet another reason to juice your skin clear, when your organs are struggling to rid the body of toxins your skin, being the biggest organ we have, will show the strain. A toxic body will try and rid its poisons through the skin and yup you guessed it a breakout occurs. Juicing also help regulate blood sugar and insulin spikes which are another known cause of acne breakout. Whether you’re battling acne or just want that glow in your cheeks, Juicing is by far better than any topical product money can buy because its pure nutrition that is creating your shiny amazing skin from the inside out.


  1. Feeling Great- When you well rested, nutrient fed and you’re looking amazing it stands to reason that you’re going to feel great. What about the internal body, the aching bones and the creaking joints? Juicing has many anti-inflammatory benefits and adding fresh roots like Ginger and Turmeric give that added benefit for the wear and tear on our aching bodies. Not only does the body get inflamed in the joints and muscles it also gets inflamed on a cellular level. Cellular inflammation is one of the main causing of rheumatoid arthritis and such diseases, even the way we eat our food can cause out body to become inflamed. When cleansing the body of toxins with juicing, of course joints and muscles will thank you, but so will your whole body and the result will be a dramatic feeling of wellbeing through out every cell. When we feel great we are more positive and that is contagious. We carry an energy when we feel good that can influence everybody we meet, spreading the feel good factor. Besides, we are simply happier when we feel great in ourselves and who isn’t seeking happiness?



  1. Achieving your best you- When you look great, you feel great, your body is at its best. If you’re not feeling boated or fighting of your fifth cold of the year the odds are you going to be pretty positive and full of life. This is key to being your best you. You can achieve amazing things when the mind and body are balanced and your mind is clear and ready to accept any new challenges head on. Now let’s say that your raring to go but your dreading the thought of buying the right produce or juicer, getting the right balance and recipes and then there’s the mess and now you’re thinking gosh, I just don’t think I have time for this juice cleanse lark. Where will I find the produce? What kind of juicer do I need?


No problem that’s why we are here. We have done the studying and the research, we have sourced the best ingredients and combinations and we will do all the hard work and deliver it to your door.


Yep it’s that easy, so now you have no excuse to work toward being your best you!


Remember, if you do want to learn how to juice we also offer workshops to teach you!